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Whether you're looking for a classic handcrafted cuckoo clock, an antique cuckoo clock, a Swiss chalet cuckoo clock or a modern cuckoo clock, we have them all in our online shop! 
Although it is not clear when the cuckoo clock (or in German called Kuckucksuhr) was exactly invented, but we can easily say that the history of the cuckoo clock goes back hundreds of years. All of the cuckoo clock brands we are offering are a proud member of the “Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Association” or in German the “Verein die Schwarzwaldurh”(VdS). We are offering only the best cuckoo clock brands from the most notable German cuckoo clock manufacturers, that all have their origin in the Black Forest in Germany. The VdS organization was founded in order to protect the historic traditional mechanical German cuckoo clocks. The traditional kuku clocks that are manufactured by the brands associated with the VdS, will always come along with a Certificate of Authenticity with the official seal logo of the VdS. This organization is also the host of the annual Cuckoo Clock of the Year competition. 
We are currently offering the following cuckoo clocks brands in our store: 
Anton SchneiderHekas KuckucksuhrenHubert HerrEngstlerHones cuckoo clocksTrenkle UhrenRombach & Haas and August Schwer.

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